MELT Provides Modern Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Bottom Line

Providing tools and techniques to optimize focus, strategize the right path forward, create the best client experience, and incorporate the right technology to improve efficiency.

American Research Bureau, Salt Lake City, UT

“We've had the pleasure of working with Melanie on several projects. She is an authentic jack of all trades and understands first-hand the ebbs and flows of managing the entrepreneurial life cycle. Whether you need help launching a business, marketing your business, increasing brand awareness, building high-performing teams, succession planning, or catapulting business growth, she can truly do it all. Above all, we were impressed with her ability to command a room and get people all on the same page.” ~ Preston Cochrane, CEO

Change By Design LLC, Gilbert, AZ

“Inspiring results oriented coach, is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Melanie. After leaving my corporate career I grappled with and wanted help to determine what was the “right” path for my future. I chose Melanie for her professional yet creative style which aligned nicely with the kind of person I am and knew she’d understand my desires to take a new path as a creative entrepreneur. Melanie guided me in finding clarity with my direction. She encouraged and held me accountable to take action. Melanie would be a true asset for anyone looking to professionally transition into the entrepreneurial world, who needs ideas to accelerate their decision making and support in getting out of their own way with an insightful heartfelt approach.” ~ Kami Pollvogt, Owner - Transformational Coach & UX Designer Consultant

Draper & Kramer, Chicago, IL

“Melanie is exceptional at helping businesses bring sales and marketing teams together with growth strategies around common goals and compensation structure, focusing on cumulative revenue. Her innovative approach to marketing and sales alignment increased our annual revenue growth by 20%.” ~ Steve Brown, Systems Engineer